19/05/2021 – 03/06
#FAMM.BA.MA.2021 Exhibition | “What If”

What if it turns out that imagination sits on the same chair with reality and observes the floating dustoids, while the self-reflexive consciousness is breathing right into our ear from across the other room? While in the hallway, it sneaks inside the ever-shifting body of the Artificial Intelligence – covered in a pearly glitter, it greets the visitor with an artificially intelligent posture, ready to answer any question. The data-crunching machine is humming nearby – it is busy registering solar flares and simultaneously measuring the sentimental value of our tweets. What if the horned nature itself returns to humans through the safe distance of the cinema screen, while an eyelash causes the butterfly effect as the virtuality descends into chaos? What if things like unpredictability, unforeseen circumstance and coincidence skid along on the shiny surface of the water while the burnt-out objects speak out their sadness?

In the joint undergraduate and postgraduate show that takes place in the spaces of Atletika, Vilnius Gallery of Photography, and Rupert, the students of Photography, Media Art, and Animation aim to grasp the multiplicitous possibilities offered by the question: ‘what if?’ The question opens up the new horizons and brings the promise of unlimited trajectories. The creative topics and expressions unfold in both physical and cybernetic spaces: from the ghostly volatile and breathable artwork that resides in the fluid space of gossip, through the kinetic 3D printed pieces of space dust, through the pre-programmed game of ’cause and effect’, through the ants that roam the sandy channels of the landscape, to the multi-channeled metamorphosis of rock music based on the principle of ‘zoom in/out’.

Some artworks walk along the conjoined corridors of imagination and reality, while others rethink the human-technology relations by stressing the importance of contingency, data poetics, intermediality and the ‘post-digital’. The young authors utilise a wide spectrum of technologies: prepared kinescopic monitors, LiDAR photogrammetry, VR, 2D drawings, etc. They turn towards the everyday with its artefacts and social contexts and dive into the immersive environments. The series of shows is marked with the multifaceted pluralism of screens, monitors, sounds, objects, and photographs that seek to supplement, overlay and overtake each other.

The show in Atletika gallery (May 19–June 30, Wed–Sat 4pm–7pm):

Mantė Baranauskaitė
Greta Grajauskaitė
Lukas Keizikas
Miglė Markulytė
Gabrielė Oržekauskaitė
Deinora Rudėnaitė
Edvinas Sinkevičius
Ona Julija Steponaitytė
Danielius Marius Šermukšnis
Jokūbas Verbickas
Urtė Akelaitytė
Barbora Agnietė Drazdauskaitė
Dovilė Rapalytė
Emilija Zuzevičiūtė

The show in the Rupert gallery (May 28 – June 4 Mon–Fri 10am–5pm):

Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė

The show in the Vilnius Gallery of Photography (May 26–June 19, Tue–Fri 12pm–6pm, Sat 12pm–4pm):

Rasuolė Jautakytė
Laurynas Mataitis
Laura Mickutė
Rita Stankevičiūtė
Adomas Žudys

The show openings:
May 19 4-7pm (Atletika)
May 26 12-6pm (Vilnius Gallery of Photography)
Public defence of BAs will take place on May 27 in Atletika and Rupert.
Public defence of MAs will take place on June 1 in Atletika and Vilnius
Gallery of Photography.

The shows are organised by the department of Photography and Media Art in Vilnius Academy of Arts in partnership with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers.

Activities of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association are supported by Lithuanian Council fo Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.

FAMM BA/MA = Photography, Animation and Media Art Graduate Show.

BA in Animation and MA in Photography and Media Art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. More info:www.vda.lt






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Photographer: Arnas Anskaitis