Žygimantas Kudirka & felicita: “Who Are You?”


Deprive your senses and camouflage yourself in darkness.
Trust the voices coming from inside the head.

Explore the flexibility of your spine, the sensation of your skin, the curves of your tongue.

Explore your own self, explore your sexuality.
Don’t be scared of who you are.

Regenerate all that was lost and dream on!
So many spectacular things await you.

Trust me. Glide with me.

Your dreams will be clarified.
Your reality will vapour away.

Don’t blink, instead –
lick your eyeballs and enter
the holographic terrarium.

Who are you? is a multi-media performance / installation created by Žygimantas Kudirka – Lithuanian writer, artist and performer and felicita – an Anglo-Polish electronic producer and multi-disciplinary artist, part of the label collective PC Music.

Using gallery space as a canvas for narrative, this interactive installation will stimulate visitors using immersive audio, binaural voice recordings, light solutions and multiple types of hand-crafted holograms.

It questions our human nature with a hope to build a lasting bond between different life forms, promoting interspecies communication. On the other hand, the creatures are seen just as mediators, helping us explore our own selves.

Part of the installation will be open as an exhibition during the course of the Baltic Triennial 14 from 5 June to 30 July. But the main spectacle will be shown only during the opening on 5 June and will be repeated on 1 July for limited number of visitors with pre-registration

Register now to witness it all.

Žygimantas Kudirka is a writer, artist and performer in the fields of interactive poetry, artificial languages and avantgarde rap trying to find the universal dialect that could be understood by plants and animals and babies and the future links of evolution.

Works range from music performances to readings to dj sets to interactive installations, often exploring unexpected forms such as alternate reality audio guides, radio play created for the modified car interior or takeover of public communication channels.

Kudirka published an interactive poetry book, released seven music albums, he makes constant appearances in contemporary art shows (incl. Baltic Triennial and Venice Biennial). He has won multiple awards in the fields of music (incl. Alternative music artist of the year), advertising (incl. Cannes Lions Silver), visuals (incl. Music video of the year) and literature (incl. Best European performative poet).

He participated in hundreds of local events in his native tongue, performed abroad in English and artificial languages: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Hong Kong.

Kudirka collaborated with Eglė Kulbokaitė and Dorota Gaweda, Robertas Narkus, Emilija Škarnulytė, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Martin Kohout, J.G. Biberkopf, David Bernstein, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Laura Kaminskaitė.

felicita is an Anglo-Polish electronic producer and multi-disciplinary artist, part of the label collective PC Music, launched by A.G. Cook in 2013.

felicita uses software and digital tools to explore new possibilities in electronic pop music, absorbing a wide-range of influences from commercial pop to Slavic folk, and the various underground dance genres emerging from their home city of London.

felicita has collaborated with SOPHIE, Tommy Cash, and Caroline Polachek, and produced runway music for Polish label misbhv. Their experimental dance piece soft power, created with Unsound Festival, was presented at Barbican (London) and Knockdown Center (New York).

felicita is currently based between Shanghai and London and is developing a new body of music and visual merchandise.




5 June – 30 July 2021
Wednesdays to Fridays 4–7 pm.
(16-18 June and 24, 25 June exhibition will be closed)

Main spectacle:
5 June 2021 (opening)
repeating every hour 17:00 – 00:00

1 July 2021
repeating every hour 17:00 – 00:00

Performance duration – 30 min. Limited number of visitors at one time, please register online.

Location: gallery Atletika, Vitebsko Str. 21, Vilnius


Žygimantas Kudirka – concept, texts, ideas
Felicita – sound design, ideas
Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas – furniture design
Rūta Palionytė – ambient lights
Scenos darbai – physical production
Eitvydas Doškus – camera
Lukas Zapereckas – post production
Sima Jundulaitė – video editing
Studio Cryo – graphic design
Ignas Pavliukevičius – technical engineer
Atletika – curating

Thanks to Vytautas Budzejus for technical equipment.

This event is part of Baltic Triennial 14: The Endless Frontier.

Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LIAA).

The activities of LIAA are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.




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Photographer: Andrej Vasilenko