25/05 – 17/06/2022
#FAMM.BA.2022 / I know you’re already longing

letter to the Future 

I wanted to create a safe space for you, a place where you can immerse yourself in the uncertainty of your own feelings. You can vent your anger, touch your anxiety with your finger, feel its living sliminess. When you find yourself here, you’ll be exhausted – I have left you the depth of the purest water, a bed of moss to lie down on… I hope that my hours of solitude and silence have turned into threads that connect us, and we’ll discover a conversation penetrating into the very centre of the Earth.

I am sliding along the uneven surfaces of the space, curled up, indescribable, while your eyes are sensitive to light – you will no longer see my face clearly, only clouds of chemical colours, cracks, spilt pixels. I don’t know how you’re going to use the tools I’ve left. You are probably afraid to touch them – they remind you of the pain I have felt. Now they are strangely beautiful bodies, and you are the one who’ll make up their rules – here, you can play.

I wanted to create a cosy darkness for you, where you won’t be afraid that I will catch up. Now I’m just a digital light, and my raging voice bounces off the crumbling walls. It’s hard for you to turn away from it.

Eventually, you will get used to the rampant wind and the hottest sun, sinking into its harsh embrace. You’re probably uncomfortable because it’s not clear where I end and where you begin.

I have left soothing words, and the spells, you already know them.


The Future is a guest of the exhibition, the exhibition is a letter to the Future, an invitation to accept that the notion of normality has lost its meaning. The Future is invited to reflect and to grasp on the change it has gone through over those four years, containing the uncontrollable and irrational period that began with an abstract, invisible threat to the human body and which ends as a confrontation with the clear and undeniable face of the enemy. This is what is reflected in the students’ work – from abstract works reflecting on inner experiences, loneliness and isolation, to clear words full of anger and rage, commenting on current events and global structures.


Artists: Akvilė Murauskaitė, Matas Petkūnas, Bernadeta Brazdžionytė, Saulė Marija Rimkevičiūtė, Veronika Gudeliauskaitė, Arijus Pijus, Aušrinė Ražanskaitė, Dovilė Kazlauskaitė, Justina Jaruševičiūtė, Karolis Kolesničenko, Kornelija Kupstaitė, Naglis Dzinga, Rolanda Jastrumskytė, Žygimantas Bėrontas & Gabija Pernavaitė, Liucija Teodora Mikučionytė, Vilija Simutytė

Curator: Gedvilė Tamošiūnaitė

Exhibition architects: Edgar Vladimirenko and Eglė Kliučinskaitė


Exhibition opening night: 24 May 2022, 19:00
Opening hours: 25/05 – 17/06/2022 Wednesdays to Fridays 15:00 – 20:00, Saturdays 15:00 – 21:00.

Location: Atletika gallery, Vitebsko Str. 21, Vilnius

The exhibition is organised by the Department of Photography and Media Art of Vilnius Academy of Arts in cooperation with the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LIAA).

Activities of LIAA are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality. Main information partner – 15min.lt.


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Photo: Gedvilė Tamošiūnaitė ir Bernadeta Braždžionytė