#FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod

On 30 May 2023, at 7 pm the group exhibition #FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod opens at Atletika gallery. This is the exhibition of graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programme of the Department of Photography, Animation and Media Art of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Exhibition is curated by Milda Dainovskytė.

The artworks mature in arthropodal, rounded, spiral pods by elbowing, hustling and pushing each other with limbs and fingertips.
For a while, as their volumes caress each other, they take on new silhouettes. Less symmetrical and polygonal, enveloped in a slippery covering, gliding in linear, flat, inflated shells. They are able to expand by gently touching the edges of each other’s shoulders, until they suddenly burst out through the cracks.

The exhibition, spread across the spaces of the cultural centre SODAS 2123 and the Vilnius Academy of Arts, presents 24 young artists. The works, created by the artists, explore the possibilities of media and materials and invite one to rethink the themes of witchcraft practices, propaganda systems, collective memory and trauma, corporeality, violence, feminism, the Anthropocene and other topics that are relevant and sensitive in today’s world.

A performance titled Percussion by Dagnė Petkevičiūtė will be presented during the opening night. With this work, the artist invites one to consider concepts such as corporeality and femininity – the expression of those is revealed through the medical and biological study of bodily fluids and the sensory examination of the internal organs – the percussion.

Participating artists:
Ieva Akelaitytė, Evelina Bernatonytė, Pijus Chraptavičius, Yuliia Yeromina, Kotryna Mauragytė, Salvijus Misevičius, Diana Nakrevič, Dagnė Petkevičiūtė, Ainė Petkūnaitė, Kasparas Pilinkus, Justinas Erminas, Eva Rodz, Kotryna Šarkanaitė, Agata Tracevič, Margarita Valionytė (Atletika gallery, Vitebsko g. 21, Vilnius).
Jokūbas Vaicekauskas (FAMM space “Entity”, Vitebsko g. 21, Vilnius)
Matas Mačiulskis, Viktorija Balkutė, Laura Vakarė Dubosaitė-Povilaitytė, Emilija Dirsytė ( Titanikas building of The Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Photography and Media Art, Maironio str. 3, 4th floor, Vilnius).
Gytis Baranauskas, Edvinas Kraujalis, Agnė Lukoševičiūtė, Titas Makauskas, Agata Tracevič (Film screenings, Doctoral Department, Malūnų str. 3, C1, Vilnius).

Curator of the exhibition: Milda Dainovskytė

Illustration by Normantas Matonis

Exhibition opening and performance by Dagnė Petkevičiūtė: 30 May 2023, 7:00 pm, Atletika gallery. Performance duration ~15-20 min.
Exhibition runs 31 May – 17 June 2023.
Opening times: Wednesdays – Fridays 15:00 – 20:00, Saturdays 15:00 – 21:00.
Atletika gallery address: Vitebsko str. 21, Vilnius

On 1 & 2 June the public defence sessions of the Bachelor’s degree programme of the Department of Photography, Animation and Media Art (VDA FAMM) of Vilnius Academy of Arts will take place. Schedule available via the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-imgcfdUOFa6h9HiPiW-cKFgBN90bXWgVp-uj_1-PYs/edit

#FAMM.BA.2023 / The Pod is part of the Vilnius Academy of Arts degree shows. Read more: vda.lt. The exhibition is organised by the Department of Photography, Animation and Media Art of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in cooperation with the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LTMKS).

The activities of LTMKS are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality. Main information partner 15min.