Media Symposium “Diet vs. Feast”: Vegeta Congress 2020

If you could imagine yourself as a dietologist, what diet would you suggest? And if by any chance you would position yourself as a media harmonist – what would be your advise on how to balance out one’s media consumption?

During this symposium emerging artists, designers, architects and theoreticians will reconsider media via the concept of “diet”. To what extent could this concept be productive in the light of analysing the consumption of media and the process of generating media.

In the cloud of self help books and courses it is becoming more and more difficult today to decide where to turn. For this reason this symposium as artistic experiment is aiming to invite media consumers, creators and critics to an environment where they could share experiences, and perhaps even find common paths to follow.

Date: 24-01-2020 14:00 – 21:30, one day event including continuous symposium programme and installations of students’ work.
Location: Vitebsko 23, Vilnius, Empty Brain Resort

Team: producer – Marija Luiza Švedaitė, photos – Šarūnas Kvietkus, reflection – Linas Bliškevičius
Design: Jūratė Kindurytė
Sound: Linas Bliškevičius
Special thanks to Matas Aerobica and Empty Brain Resort.

This symposium was conceived during the MA course “Media: collaboration of artists, designers and theoreticians”, led by Vytautas Michelkevičius at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Organised by Photography and Media Arts Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts in collaboration with VŠĮ “Mene” and Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.
Partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.