06/09 – 28/09/2019
“Répercussion”. Andrés Padilla Domene

Video work “Répercussion”, created by artist Andrés Padilla Domene, narrates the story about the search of sonic marks in the territory of historical geological events: “65 million years ago, a rock of unknown origin travelled through space to percute the Earth to put an end to three quarters of the life on the planet. At the region of the impact, a group of searchers venture into the darkness of a Mayan cave to explore the acoustics of the place. They set in a strange technical ritual to evoque the cosmic crash”.

Andrés Padilla Domene, b. 1986 in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a multimedia artist based between Mexico and France. He studied Media Arts in Mexico and in Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. His individual and collaborative work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and film festivals internationally. His projects depart from the development of technological devices implemented to produce the work. He is co-author of the project SEFT-1 Abandoned Railway Exploration Probe. He is also part of the artist collective Astrovandalistas and currently an artist member of the Académie de France à Madrid – Casa de Vélazquez.

“Atletika” is a new contemporary art space at the cultural centre “SODAS 2123”.The gallery presents emerging and acclaimed artists from Lithuania and abroad. Its exhibition programme is open to experimentation, exploration of new processes in art and ideas of various directions.

Cultural centre “SODAS 2123” is a self-governed community based space which unites tens of creators and researchers of different fields, with practices based on experimentation, developing of unexpected formats and responding to latest cultural, social, geopolitical, ecological issues. “SODAS 2123” will provide workshops and equipment for a variety of art disciplines, and each resident of the complex will be open for sharing, learning and craftsmanship. “SODAS 2123” is operated by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.


19:00 exhibition opening at “Atletika” gallery (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius)

20:00 sound programme (TBA)

Exhibition opening times

07/09/2019 14:00-20:00

08/09/2019 17:00-19:00

Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association. Partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture